Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally an update...

I made it to Phoenix a few weeks ago, and aside from some bumps in the road, I'm loving it.
Things I don't like:
-Not having enough furniture for my apartment (couch, a TV bigger than 13"...)
-Having to wait to buy alcohol (at a restaurant/bar or at the store) until 10am on Sundays
-Crazy fast drivers. If they think you're not going fast enough, they don't go around you, they just tailgate.
-Bugs. A flying cockroach chasing you while on an evening walk with your dog is not as funny as it may sound.
-The black leather seats in my car. Ouch.
-Not having TV/Internet hooked up at the apartment yet. I'm currently blogging poolside in 108 degree weather because the pool has free wi-fi. The sacrifices I make...

Things I do like:
-The ability to buy hard alcohol pretty much anywhere: Walgreens, the gas station, the grocery store...
-Blue skies. Pretty much all day/every day.
-Gorgeous sunsets.
-Low humidity. At least until the monsoons hit.
-My awesome commute to work
-Learning the local flora (yes there is flora) and fauna

More to come, but it's too hot to be out here right now.

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