Friday, May 21, 2010

Blind Date With Phoenix.

Countdown To Oregon Exitus: 13 days.

When I say blind date with Phoenix, I'm not talking about the deceased River or Johnny Cash-man Joaquin. I'm moving to Phoenix, and I have never actually visited there. I've only seen pictures, read articles, and talked to people who live(d) there or have visited. It's like going on a date with someone you met on the internet, who you also have mutual friends with. I suppose it's not even like going on a date with them - it's like marrying them.

Today, I put in my notice at work. Let me just say that it was not well received.

Maybe that's a good sign though? They don't want me to leave? I just wish I weren't getting a cold shoulder from certain people. I haven't gotten a work related email in over an hour. I had to email Shellie just to make sure my email was still working... They've already seemed to have cut me out of the wire process. Maybe this means they're going to let me go early? All the better for me - go ahead and pay me to NOT work those last 2 weeks. I can go mess around with friends, pack REALLY well, etc.

Speaking of packing, I took all of my stuff out of storage last night and put it in mom's garage. Time to go through ALL of the boxes and figure out what I cannot live without. Slim down my inventory of random and sometimes useless items. I'll be starting that process this weekend. In need of luck. Also needed: for my procrastination inclination to disappear. I can't put this one off. Luckily, I'm also fairly organized when I AM motivated, so I hope the volume gets turned up on the organization and turned DOWN on the procrastination.

Tonight, I'm allowed to not repack anything. Tonight, I have a date with my Dad and Barb. Guess who doesn't know yet that I'm moving? Yeah, that's right, Dad and Barb. I'm telling them tonight, but my stomach is doing somersaults! My planned opening line: "Wanna go on a road trip, Dad?" Some of my fondest memories of childhood involve road trips with my Dad. Even as a young adult, we had a Seattle to Portland road trip, and it was good. We got a lot off our chests. I hope he says yes. Maybe we could use a road trip.

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