Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Packing sucks.

Countdown to rollout: 8 days.

Everything that was in storage is now in my mom's garage. As I go through everything, making a Goodwill pile, a Craigslist pile, and repacking things I need to keep, I'm realizing how bad of a pack rat I am. My dad once called me a bag lady, and he wasn't referring to purses - it was backpacks and satchels and messenger bags and luggage. I'm finding this to be true for more than just bags, unfortunately...

Everyone wants to see me before I go, many can't make it to the going away shindig tomorrow, and I just don't have time to see everyone AND pack up. Sorry, guys, gotta get my stuff together.

Schedule for the next couple days:
work 8-2:30
DMV for trip permit (I don't want to renew my Oregon tags since I'm MOVING!)
Nap??? (Please?) or packing. Probably packing.
Gators 6pm-???

Pack, pack, pack
2pm get the hitch installed on my giddy-up
Dinner w/friend
back to pack pack pack

8am vet appt for Billy to get his certificate of health - required to get him licensed in Arizona.
Pack, pack, pack

Sun: My 28th birthday!
Beacon Rock w/family all day (dad's side)
evening: pack, pack, pack. (this is getting wretched)

4pm family birthday/farewell dinner (mom's side)

Work 8-5
Pick up trailer!
Hopefully no more packing!

Last day of work 8-5
Load up trailer!

6am: pull outta town!

Evening: Pull into Arizona!!!

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