Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Goodbyes are hard.

9 days to rollout.

Last night I made my first round of goodbyes...

The Crab Shack in SW Portland, how I will miss Monday mayhem... karaoke. Beer. Dave KJing, Lydia behind the bar, and a group of fun regulars that you can count on to show up every Monday night and sing songs from Disney movies. Yes, really. Jacob & Alex's duet of A Whole New World is my favorite, as is for many. Jacob sings the girl parts.

While fun, however, multiple beers and shots added to only four hours of sleep is NOT fun, as I'm being reminded of this morning.

Goodbye to a comfortable bar. Goodbye to a few good friends. Hello, jalapeno bagel and a soda from Cafe Cello, my remedy for difficult mornings - I'm not ready to say goodbye to you yet.

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